Technical Services

Industrial Services


Industrial Services covers all types of services related to quality in industries. As our customer, you can rely upon our extensive experience and wide-ranging network in Supply Chain Services, Expediting, Non-Destructive Testing, Tank Inspection,Tank and Meter Calibration, Machinery inspection, Project Management, Design Verification, Commissioning, Construction Supervision, Statutory inspection. Our skilled professionals add value through their in-depth knowledge of your business sector, helping you to manage or reduce risks faced by you or your customers with regard to all processes.

Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services, helping our customers to control the input of their processes. We help producers to assess their suppliers, supervise during production and keep track of delivery schedules, we physically inspect and check quality and quantity of deliveries and we test samples. With our unique global network, we can rate vendors in every corner of the world, within hours or days. We can trace the whole supply chain. In cooperation with other lines of business, we can even physically check during all stages via production and transport to consumer. From mine to steel mill, to car factory, to showroom, We assure that quality is guaranteed.


We can perform Expediting to a sequential group of activities forming a chain within the network plan, or to a selected number of activities, or to the total project activities. Our expediters have the experience, expertise, knowledge and diplomacy necessary to ensure that the material flow between parties happens on time and under the terms of the contract. With our unique global network, we can assess vendors and their production plans in every corner of the world, within hours or days.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) also called Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) is a testing method that does not destroy the test object. Our scope of services covers both, conventional and advanced Non-Destructive Testing systems in a global NDT network in more than 30 countries. We provides the correct NDT techniques to locate and size defects in your assets, offering a fully integrated service pack combining NDT, Inspection and Asset Integrity Management. Whether it is in fabrication, pipe manufacturing, pipeline, plant construction, chemical, petrochemical plants, shipyards or offshore industry, in conventional and nuclear power plants – our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services provide quality assurance and process safety. We have a world wide track record with proven performance on new construction, pipeline installation, in-service inspection and expansion projects as the total NDT solution provider.

Tank Inspection

Uncontrolled corrosion can weaken or destroy components and causes environmental contamination and volume losses. In order to avoid such failures and to assure that storage tanks meet local regulations as well as relevant standards and codes, we provides Technical Audits, Inspections and Non-Destructive Testing. We have the experience, the accreditations and the equipment to carry out expert controls, inspections and measurements for the owners of storage tanks in accordance with API 650 or 653. With the competence of a notified body, we performs independent assessment, testing and verification to ensure the safe condition of storage tanks.

Tank and Meter Calibration

Reliable quantity measurement is the critical basis of good contractual relationships in the worldwide trading of chemicals, petroleum products and liquefied gases. Accurate and regular calibration provides a clear insight into the precise capacity and volume of your tanks.

Machinery inspection

The worldwide network of Industrial Services and develop the best suitable conformity assessment procedure for your equipment and your target markets. Our “One Stop Shop” helps you to meet legal requirements for periodic inspections worldwide covering

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international standards and local statutory requirements.

Project Management

With Project Management Services, we coordinate the different steps in the review, verification, inspection, testing and approval of all phases of industrial projects. Our teams of engineers and technicians assure compliance to regulatory and client requirements, witness relevant tests also on-site and supervise during construction and commissioning.

Design Verification

Industrial Services offers Design Verification for industrial products or complete installations involving a review of specifications, reports, calculations and drawings. Independent Design Verification aims to test the engineering assumptions and the efficacy of design methods and approaches. With an appropriate scheme, Design Verification provides confidence that an installation is designed to the required standards, criteria and legislation with regards to material selection, design and safety level following a structured development process. Moreover, Design Verification can be provided for basic design and detailed design.

Construction Supervision

As an independent third party, Industrial Services has specialized personnel and procedures to control and supervise construction processes. We carry out independent and impartial examination, verification, validation and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to specification requirements. With construction projects around the world, we performs audits, site and production assessment visits, monitoring or witnessing of activities, including safety and quality functions and reporting.

Statutory Inspection

The objective of this service is to independently assure the safe and proper working capability and condition of each individual crane or lifting and hoisting equipment. This is achieved by inspecting the equipment in accordance with all applicable regulations, standards and good engineering practices. We conduct crane inspection as well as the inspection of other lifting and hoisting equipment

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which enables our customers to not only maintain the capability and availability of their equipment, but also to maximize uptime and planned outages to minimize operational impact.

Technical Staffing Services

Technical Staffing Services provide recruitment solutions for customers range from operation level, professional engineers to managers and top-level executives in all industries. Regardless of your needs, we uniquely positioned to readily and professionally assist you. With Technical Staffing Services, you will find a genuine partner who understands both your staffing needs and is capable, equipped and committed to assist you.