Technical Services

Environmental Services


ISET (Thailand) Limited, Thai environmental consulting company, was established in 2009 for providing environmental services and related works. Our company has received a permission from the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) to create an environmental, social and health impacts assessment report for the project or activity that be within the scope of Notification of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for Rules, Regulation and Guidelines for specifying size and type of project which must complete an environmental impact assessment, B.E. 2552 (2009). In order to analyze the impact from project or activity that may affect to the environment, social and health both of positive and negative and also provide mitigation measures. This includes the following types of projects.
- Industry project.
- Energy project.
- Community services and residential projects.
- Mining and petroleum projects.
- Transportation project.
- Water resources development projects.


Our services.

ISET has the preparedness of personnel and complete modern equipment. We are pleased to provide consulting services on environmental study, analysis, and survey. In addition, our services include an environmental engineering, geographic information system (GIS), communication, public relation, public involvement, and social activities.


Impact Assessment and Planning

- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
- Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
- Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
- Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE)
- Environmental Feasibility Study (EFS)
- Report of Safety and Environmental Management Plan for Petroleum Exploration by Seismic Survey (EMS)


Engineering and Management

- Supervisors of Pollution Prevention System
- Risk Assessment and Mathematic Model
- Geographic Information System (GIS)
- Land and Land Use Planning
- Green Building Service Consultation
- Building Simulation


Communication and Engagement

- Socio-Economic and Attitude Survey
- Public Participation
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)