By Royal Society of Chemistry, W. Parker, Parker W

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V. Ershov, Izvest. Akad. , Ser. , 1974, 2541 (Chem. , 1975,82,97972). R. Paulissen, P. Monitte, A. J. Hubert, and P. TeyssiC, Tetrahedron Letters, 1974, 3311. B. S. Joshi, V. N. Kamat, and D. H. S. Perkin I , 1974, 1561. C. H. De Puy and R. J. Van Lanen, J . Org. , 1974,39, 3360. G. Kiehl. J. Streith, and G. Taurand, Tetrahedron, 1974. 30, 2851. 198The norbornadien-7-one ketal (141) is a convenient source of bis-methoxycarbene. 199 T. Sasaki, S. Eguchi, and M. Mizutani, Org. Prep. Prored. , 1974, 6, 57; P.

Suzuki, M. Hasegawa, and T. Tasai, Japan Kokai, 74 66662 (Chem. , 1974,81, 169309). D. Lenoir and A. Firl, Annalen, 1974, 1467. B. L. Adams and P. Kovacic, J . Amer. Chem. , 1974,%, 7014. B. L. Adams and P. Kovacic, J. Org. Chem. 1974, 39, 3090. G. L. Buchanan, Chem. , 1974, 3,41. R. E. Banks, M. G. Barlow, R. N. Haszeldine, and W. D. S. Perkin I, 1974,1266; G. Schroder, G. Kirsch, and J. F. M. Oth, Chem. , 1974, 107, 460; E. -D. Martin, Helu. Chim. Acta, 1974, 57, 472; R. H. Rynbrandt, J. , 1974, 11, 787.

E. K. G. Schmidt, Chem. ,1974, 107, 2440. B. S. Green and M. Rejto, J . Org. , 1974, 39, 3284. 5 c0 C)oi Three- and Four-membered Rings 51 0 Me 0 + 0 hv, ph,c: Oi,M H2°;E,N e 0 Me 0 / n O M e Me0 Me0 ((209) CH 0 C \C H 0 0 a +;40 hv __+ \ \ - Pb(OAc), \ \ 0 Scheme 18 There have been relatively few previous reports of addition of acrylonitrile to heteroatomic systems. 270 2-Acyl-thio270 Y. Matsuura, Tetrahedron Letters. 1974. 51 3. ~~~ Cycloaddition of diphenylthiiren 1,l -dioxide to enamines affords breakdown products of the initially formed sulphone, arising from ring-opening and loss of sulphur dioxide.

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