By Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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All excessive power will be best restricted to a short time. Quint. Decl. min. 12 bis optare vis quod etiam semel multum est. Potestatem tibi vitae ac necis lex dedit; ultra regnum omne, ultra tyran­ nidem omnem est hoc diu licere [“you want to opt twice, when even once is much. The law gave you power of life and death; that this licence should last long is beyond all monarchy, beyond all tyranny”]. ” 51 It is possible that the declaimer is here referring to the well-know rule Bis de eadem re ne sit actio [“There shall not be an action twice on the same matter”]; see Dingel 1988, 129, who how­ ever is in my opinion wrong in classing this controversia under the status qualitatis.

Seneca il Vecchio e la cultura retorica e letteraria della prima età imperiale (Pisa: Giardini, 2007). Berti, Emanuele, “Le controversiae della raccolta di Seneca il Vecchio e la dottrina degli status,” Rhetorica 32 (2014): 99–147. Bonner, Stanley Frederick, Roman Declamation in the Late Republic and Early Empire (Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 1949). Bonner, Stanley Frederick, Education in Ancient Rome (from the Elder Cato to the Younger Pliny) (Berkeley–Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1977).

He fought it out in court. He lost. He does not refuse to marry. 46 The raped girl has in this case chosen marriage, but the alleged rapist applies to the judges, denying that he had committed the rape; he is found guilty, and at this point the girl demands to repeat her choice. The problem is precisely whether she has the right to choose a second time, and possibly to change her option, after already choosing marriage (an quod semel ius est, idem et saepius). Once again it is Latro and Fuscus who are granted the largest space in the section of divisio.

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Against Aristotle on the Eternity of the World (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle) by Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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